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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Duck Dynasty: What the Robertson’s Know about Green Living and Sustainability

Duck Dynasty and Green Living
What the Robertson's Know
Do you watch it??? Do you watch Duck Dynasty? …if you don’t you really don’t know what you are missing. And after all the laughter has died, the real lessons learned are about life, love and family sustainability. The Robertson family are the real life characters of A&E’s reality show Duck Dynasty, for those of you who don’t know. The Robertson’s know more about sustainability than the whole of American culture. I could sit here and think of more, but for now here are 8 things the Robertson’s know about frugal living and sustainability…

1 Harness the Power of the Mason Jar
If you watch the show, you see a lot of mason jars…the funny thing is, I caught myself drinking from one just the other day. Mason jars are not only great for canning your own produce, which I believe Miss Kay does often, mason jars double as both tableware and Tupperware providing see through storage to keep your refrigerator organized.
2 Harness the Power of the Casserole
I can only remember one episode of Duck Dynasty where the Roberson’s ate out…they picked up a slushy and ate a few hundred donuts (it was a contest, Uncle Si won a motor that’s sustainable living). Anyway, make a casserole, fry some catfish…eat at home.
3 Harness the Power of Natural Resources
The Robertson Family lives off the land. In fact, their whole business is built around living off the land. If it's in season they eat it. Duck, crayfish, berries and honey…The Robertson Family knows how to hunt and grow their own food…do you?
4 Harness the Power of Living below Your Means
I was actually quite appalled by the realtor in the episode where Phil and Kay were talked into shopping for a new house. Although they could afford any mansion they could dream of, they are happy happy happy in a small home where they have fond family memories without a mortgage payment or credit card debt.
5 Harness the Power of Using the Resources You Have
If it isn’t broke, don’t replace it. Use whatever it is until it falls apart and when you replace it, buy it used and avoid a loan payment. If your boat sinks to the bottom of a swamp, make your kids fish it out and use it some more.
6 Harness the Power of a College Degree
The Robertson’s might not sound educated but in reality, most have college degrees and several members have graduate degrees. That is what it takes to run a successful family empire and that is what they have done. Phil and Kay Robertson have successfully encouraged their children to read the Bible and go to college a college degree is often at the core of sustainable living.
7 Harness the Power of Donation
The Robertson Family clearly has enough money to donate to whatever cause they want, but they don’t get lazy and stop there…They still donate of their time to charity. They cook food, build festival booths, play Santa and adopt babies…again living, growing and sustaining a family and a community.
8 Harness the Power of Family
The Robertson’s know how to build a sustainable family. They eat together, work together, pray together and play together. No matter how crazy they appear to be on TV, the reality is, they have built a successful family business and they still love each other enough to want to be in business together and still spend the rest of the day together. That is family sustainability.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Upcycled fence to backyard bike rack

I realize that someone with a more decorative bone might be able to do more, but this backyard bike/scooter rack that I came up with works well and is a great example of green living. Recycled from some old metal fence pieces, my son and I painted these iron scraps and mounted them in a obscure location for practical bike and scooter parking. Safely tucked behind a clothes line post, a cut proof chain and lock wrap nicely around them. I can't take full credit for this idea; it was a knock off from a wood rack that Becky over at Organizing Made Fun posted last summer. Ty Becky! I priced these bike racks online for varying cost #free! 

upcycled bike rack
From Fence to Bikerack

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Natural Bug Removal

natural bug removal
Living in Arizona, pests are a part of everyday life with particular worries about spider bites and scorpions. An exterminator visit can be both pricey and leave your home full of obnoxious chemical smell. We fight back and save money with natural bug removal as part of our green living
Diatomaceous Earth

100% Natural, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth product can be dusted around the outside of your house, in cement cracks, gardens and behind major appliances. Diatomaceous Earth will detour pests such as spiders, scorpions, roaches and crickets from entering your house.

Homemade Spray Deterrent

Because Diatomaceous Earth is dangerous to inhale, it cannot be put down around furniture and beds. A homemade natural bug deterrent can be made of water, lavender oil and vinegar. Shake the solution up in a spray bottle and squirt it on the baseboards and around sleeping areas.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

If you are having trouble with mosquito's on the back porch, there is a money saving Amish remedy you may want to try. Take an empty 2 liter bottle and add one banana peal, one cup of vinegar and one cup of sugar. Mix up the concoction and hang it outside on the porch. It won't be long and it will begin to act as a natural bug trap.

Natural Bug Repellent

If all else fails, Burt's Bees makes an affordable natural Herbal Insect Repellent that can be worn.

How I became Considering frugal

Fueled by the growing list of pollution related allergies my family suffered from each day, and inspired by my 97 year old grandmother who could recycle ANYTHING before recycling was cool, back in 2011, I decided (in the spirit of the Julie/Julia Project...) to embark on a journey to see just how much one family could do to change our planet. I didn't consult any other parties before I launched this idea. Thankfully my husband, daughter and son are usually my biggest supporters. Here is the catch; as I'm normally very thrifty (you can note from early blog posts), I was looking for ways that I could reduce our carbon footprint and make socially responsible purchases without increasing our spending. Mmmmmm. We succeed in changing some of our habits a bit and finding ways to reduce our footprint. There were lots of fun epic fails alone the way too! But the biggest change we have made over the course of the last six years, was to move from the mega city of Phoenix to Wyoming. You can read my full bio on my About Me page.

Legal Disclaimer

While it is true that I am working on a PHD in Psychology and very smart and frugal, I am not a medical doctor, criminal, personal or accident lawyer. I do not sell insurance nor am I an accountant or mortgage advisor. While some of my posts may offer good ideas on home, health and business solutions, I am not personally responsible nor is Considering frugal for any advice, ideas, recipes or menu plans that you decide to use. This blog is intended to be helpful and fun. Any products you purchase from my Amazon store or any other retailer advertised on my blog must be returned to them. I may sometimes endorse a product that I love. This is simply my opinion, you must try all products at your own risk. While I personally do not use tracking cookies or share information, my affiliates are third parties and they may do so. Please click, travel and purchase at your own risk.

frugal advice

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