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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Left or Right

left or right
Is Your Child a Lefty?
"But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing." Matthew 6:3
My husband, a baby boomer, is of the last generation to suffer discrimination for his hand of preference. He still writes with his left hand and has beautiful penmanship. We now know that whether you are left handed or right handed you are still just as intelligent, although you may be gifted in different areas. Left handed people work from different parts of the brain often being  exceptionally talented at mathematics, problem solving and strategist.    

When my first child began to grow and develop her fine motor skills we watched with great anticipation to see if she would use her left hand or her right hand. As 90 percent of society is right handed it is most likely that your child will be right handed. In fact if your child is right handed it will probably be very obvious and pronounced.  Left-handed children are usually a little more confused about the situation. 

I noticed that when my daughter was at home she used her left hand to cut and draw. Her fine motor skills were coming along great for her age, but when she went to art class or Sunday school she would bring home work that was not her best. When visiting Sunday school one day I noticed that she was cutting with her right hand.  I asked her why she was not using her favorite hand and she told me that she wanted to be like her friends.
If your child is switching back and forth between both hands then he or she could be trying to fit in socially or they could be ambidextrous.  This is a condition where the child’s motor skills are so well developed that he or she can use both hands.  To be truly ambidextrous a person must be able to carry out fine motor skill tasks, like writing and sewing, with both hands.  There are very few people who are truly ambidextrous.  This condition is far less common than once thought.  If you think that your child is ambidextrous then observe the child’s sports play.  Many famous athletes are ambidextrous. Children and adults who are ambidextrous are usually highly athletically gifted. In fact there are special college scholarships for left handed people!
The most important thing to focus on is fine motor skills. If you give your child the tools to grow fine motor skills, then whether they turn out to be a lefty or a righty, they will be well equipped.

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