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Thursday, August 22, 2013

This Weeks Projects/Soap, Jam, Donuts,Gummies and a Muller Monster!

muller monster
Muller Monster
We did some fun projects around the house this week. We are studying recycling and care taking with I Heart God's Green Earth (Available in my Amazon Store at the bottom of my homepage). My son made this awesome monster puppet with a Muller Yogurt container!
fabric softener
Homemade Softener
We are also working our way through Apologia Botany and we came up with this fantastic homemade lavender fabric softener recipe. You can check it out over at Considering frugal. We are so excited to find a homemade liquid softener that smells good. Apologia curriculum has a great soap making project listed at the end of chapter one, but we have already done it so we moved on to liquid soaps! Apologia Botany is also available in my Amazon Store!
Donuts from a Can
 We made homemade Donuts! Cheap canned biscuits fried in oil.
 Raspberry Hibiscus Tea Jam
A Plastic Egg Carton Makes a Great Mold!
And finally, and I do mean finally, my son earned his Jello badge! This is actually a picture of homemade gummy candy. This is how he earned his badge. I use Jello to teach the principle of dissolving a solid into a liquid to make a solution. He has been trying to pass this test for a while now. By making gummy candy he was able to sample the un dissolved solid... and bingo when we were finished he proved that he got it by finally making a successful batch of Jello. I actually gave him a sticker as a badge.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Space Station Unit Study

We did a space station build last spring that was so much fun and integrated several areas of study and review. I want to say upfront that some of the pictures are not the greatest but I wanted to capture exactly what the kids came up with. It is so important with this type of activity to let them lead because they are learning as they apply the information. I want to encourage moms in general and especially homeschool moms to be more hands off with sensory activities and crafts. If you allow your children to apply what is in their imagination rather than what is in your own, in the long run you will get better learning results.

Oreo Moon Study
Phases of the Moon
We started with a study of the moon using Oreo cookies, this is an idea I picked up on Pinterest. Whenever we do a space study we use Apologia curriculum, Exploring Creation Through Astronomy. I love Apologia! It is perfect for multi-grade level teaching!

Planet Poster as Window Panel

At the beginning of the week my daughter made a poster of the planets that we incorporated out the west window of the space station.

Green Puppy Alien
My son used a Pringles can to make a telescope and attached a green puppy alien to the end.

ISS Space Station
Cardboard Boxes and Solar Panels
Solar panels were fashioned on several points from extra cardboard box pieces and dowel rods. The solar panels were attached around the space station to keep it running and we went to the ISS website where we found plans for a space station, life on a space station and links to follow the space station in your area. A trap door was cut for supplies (lunch) and the kids spent all day Friday using the Apologia book as their ISS manual having fun playing in their creation.

We also visited the Challenger Space Center as our field trip for this Unit Study.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Flower Unit Study

studying flowers
Studying Flowers
We finally finished our unit study on flowers. I was inspired one afternoon when I discovered that, to my son, a flower was just that...a flower. 

Although at five he can pretty much tell you every category of animal among other things, he can regurgitate very little about a colorful plant. So we began a unit study designed to foster his knowledge of the lovelier things in life.

We started our unit study with a trip to a local rose garden where we spent a day filling out worksheets, taking pictures of roses and finally painted pictures.  Watercolor art is always a big hit at a new location and it's and activity that promotes thought.

water color
A Water Color Sample

 We also read about flowers in our Abeka science book. We start with Abeka science in pre-school thru first grade and move into Apologia with second grade.

We also toured a historic fruit ranch on the same property for our weekly history lesson. This property was formerly a fruit orchard and fruit packing facility so the tour gave us a bit of history and botany in one.

On day two we put food coloring and water in a glass with a stalk of celery (it's an older but a goody) and did worksheets on flowers. We also read about photosynthesis and took a trip to the flower store to buy flowers for more inspiration. My daughter picked these carnations because they smelled like Cinnamon.

We also painted more flowers, the tulips that my husband bought me the day before.

On day three we dissected flowers and the celery stalks, which was a very big hit! We also attempted to sprout seeds for like the umpteenth time...never works out for us.

We continued by making homemade perfume with the flowers we dissected on day two as well as some other common pantry items.


If you don't want to make perfume, you might want to make natural fabric dye instead. I also did a unit study on Natural Fabric Dying.

Finally, my daughter practiced her sentence structure and typing skills by transposing her notes onto paper while my son and I played with memory cards of flowers that I printed off at DLTK.

Chloe’s Flower Notes


Some roses have whorled leaf placement and pinnate veins. 

They also have ovate leaf shape and toothed leaf edges. 

They have pinnately compound leaves and spiked flower placement 

with ovate petal shapes.  
A carnation has opposite leaf placement and parallel veins. 

It also has a linear leaf shape and smooth leaf edges. 

It has corymb flower placement and spatulate petal

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make a Solar System

solar system project
Solar System Project
Project based learning can be so much fun and it really drives a topic home.  When we studied the solar system we made a solar system.  While I am somewhat crafty; I cannot call it my gift nor do I have a vast amount of materials on hand.  I often find myself improvising so that I can use up and recycle what I have around the house.  So, here is our solar system; improvise to make your own unique version.


For our solar system we used string, a foil box tube, Styrofoam balls, paper clips and bits of old craft paint.  If you do not have a foil box tube then a wire hanger will do the trick.  We simply painted the planets and then after they dried we stuck the paper clips in much like you would for a Christmas ornament and attached them in order to the tube.  The rings on Saturn were made with half a pipe cleaner.  I have also seen molecules assembled this way using the addition of push pins. For our curriculum we use #Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy...It is my favorite!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum
Did You Know You Can Get Textbooks at Your Library?
It is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a home school curriculum. Making it very important to 'just stick to the facts.'
What are the ages of your children? 

There are two routes you can take with elementary age children.  You can either order a traditional curriculum that is all inclusive such as #Abeka or #Apologia; or you can purchase a guide book such as "What your child needs to know in (insert grade here)" and download worksheets and printable ideas from the Internet.  Should you choose this route you can find lots of helpful links to the right of this blog post.  If your children are older then you may need to consider a more formal curriculum. 

What is your faith?

Most curriculum teaches from a perspective.  You will need to consider your perspective when choosing a curriculum.  #Apologia is my favorite curriculum for teaching science from a Creation perspective. I teach from a curriculum that only considers intelligent design however I want my children to be educated on the evolutionary perspective because I believe it will strengthen their knowledge about creation.  So, I supplement this book with lessons from Jonathan Park about evolution from a creationist perspective.

How will you teach?

Some home school parents are very creative and want the freedom to think up all kinds of crafts and science projects but more often than not we need a set lesson plan.  There are even curriculum's that do the teaching for you through video conferencing (see #Abeka).

A word on online education.

Many home school families are beginning to use online charter schools.  These schools will send you a computer and free supplies as well as providing the services of a teacher.  These schools are working well for lots of families and they may be a good fit for you.  The important thing to remember with online education is that you are enrolling your child in a school that is part of the public school system and therefore you could be muddying the waters a bit.  If you use an online school you need to consider the fact that you are giving the public school system access to your private home. 

More resources for schooling online....

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