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Build an Ark

Build an Ark
Noah Was Prepared

A good friend of ours has a son who was on a beach in Thailand one morning about 10 years ago when God told him that it would be a great morning to hike the mountain behind him. He quickly obeyed the Lords prompting and began to hike the small mountain and not five minutes after he reached the top the Tsunami hit. God led him to safety and indeed placed him in Thailand with a plan to have him serve and comfort those in need.

There is a similar faith story recorded in the book of Genesis when Noah build an ark. God told Noah to build an ark that rain was going to fall on the earth and although rain had never fallen before, Noah had faith that God would indeed do as He promised and flood the earth at some point in the near future. So Noah built an ark and he did it to God's specifications. While Noah and his son's were building, his wife and his son's wives were carefully storing up provisions. They had faith that they were going to survive this impending disaster designed by God and that they would need food and water for the journey. Okay, maybe I have used my imagination a little here, but it does say that God told them to take every kind of food with them and I am guessing that if they did what God said and built an ark that they must have also stored up provision.

Flash forward to 2013, have you built an ark yet? Jesus said that he would return but that until then, there would be trouble. Lots of trouble. Not just that but have you noticed that the weather isn't much different now then it was back in Noah's time? God promised that he would never flood the earth again, but tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, forest fires, floods and enormous tidal waves are still a part of life. What about the possibility of terrorist attack or nuclear reactor leak? There is a leak in Japan right now. Planning for disaster is not something we do out of fear, it is something that we do from a position of faith. Trouble will come. If we are prepared to handle trouble then we are prepared to help those in need during the crisis. Noah was prepared to help his family and save the animal population from death. Our friends son in Thailand was prepared to serve in crisis.

Steps to Building Your Emergency Preparedness Ark

Assess Your Risk

Before you can build your ark you must assess your risk. We have been assessing risk at our house. You can go to and assess what types of disasters would be possible in your area and how to prepare for them.

Build a Supply

Once you have assessed your risk you can build a proper supply of food and resources. One of the highest risks in our area is lack of water or clean water, I am not going to stockpile a bunch of dried meals that I have to use water to rehydrate. It is important to know what the risk is and what types of previsions you will need. If building a supply seems overwhelming then start with three days/72 hours...the critical time frame for any disaster is the first 72 hours. Make sure you have enough supplies for your family for 72 hours. Then start working on a 3 month supply until you have worked up to a year.

Have a Game Plan

In addition to building a proper supply of food and resources you also need a game plan. Teach your children about safety and emergency planning. You don't need to scare them but likewise know how to handle a situation will empower them and help them feel more secure. Kids know that our world is full of disasters, they listen in when you are watching the news. They need to know what to do. Where would you go? Where are emergency supplies kept? Do you have an emergency code word?

We haven't had a code word in a while and I have been thinking that we need to do this again. We used to have a code word for impending danger. This is the kind of danger where you don't question you just follow mom or dad and do what we say. One afternoon we were in a local thrift store and a half dozen police cars showed up. As it turned out there was a gunman in the parking lot. It wasn't a bad neighborhood, just the fallen world we live in. Anyway, I said the code word to my daughter and reminded her to follow me. We coaxed my then three year old son toward the emergency exit where we calmly looked around some more. I kept an eye on the front door for the gunman, she kept track of the little boy. We were ready to dart out the backdoor to safety. As it turned out the police were able to apprehend the man in the parking lot. I am confident that we would have been out the backdoor before a shot was fired, however I am grateful that we never had to find out.

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