Thursday, July 18, 2013


A crowd of about five thousand had gathered that day and they were all beginning to get very hungry. The disciples were beginning to fear major corporate fallout, so Jesus told them to find what food they could and bring it back to him.  So they did, and a little boy, who was appointed ‘for such a time as this,’ was brought to Jesus with his five organic wholegrain loaves of bread and two non-genetically modified fishes. Jesus blessed the bread and fish and then commanded the disciples to distribute it.  Now, you know the disciples must have looked at him like he was crazy, but they obeyed. As the story continues Jesus turned that little boy’s lunch into a meal that fed every guest in attendance, with leftovers.

Some theologians will argue that Jesus didn’t literally multiply all of that bread and fish. Some try to imply that the story is metaphorical. I believe that Jesus indeed received exactly five loaves and two fishes from the boy. I believe not one other person in the crowd brought his or her lunch that day, and I believe Jesus did in fact miraculously multiply that little boys lunch into a feast for thousands, however, it really doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is that the lunch that the boy gave to Jesus was enough to feed five thousand people.  When the lunch that the little boy brought met the hands of the Master there was suddenly and miraculously enough.
We live in an emotionally and financially bankrupt world of depression and despair. We live in a world where people scrape the last dollar together to pay the mortgage and credit card bills and still lack what they need to supply food and clothing. For those who are able to meet financial needs, emotional banks are often left quite overdrawn but whatever your lack is today, Jesus is Enough. And just like one little boy was appointed to cater bread and fish to a crowd of 5000, Jesus has appointed your needs to be met when you step out in obedience and allow your faith to meet His hands.

Watch God Multiply in Your Life

Tithing is one way we step out in faith every month. When we give 10% to God it exercises our faith in Him and causes the principle of enough to be multiplied in our lives. When you tithe in faith not knowing from where your grocery money will come…God miraculously places groceries on your doorstep. I know, this has happened to us on more than one occasion in fact too many to count. Another way you exercise your faith is through obedience. 
One time when my hubby and I were in undergraduate school we were living on campus and paying for housing with financial aid. Our grant money of several thousand dollars was not going to post in time to pay the bill. God told me to send back a specific amount of money on a loan and make payment arrangements. Much to the financial aid counselor’s dismay, I obeyed what God was telling me. Within a few hours of sending back the loan, the financial aid counselor called me, crying…She had just received a check for the grant which paid my account off in full! My obedience not only opened the door for God to provide enough money for our housing but He also provided enough faith to share with the financial aid counselor that day because in God’s economy there is always enough.

How I became Considering frugal

Fueled by the growing list of pollution related allergies my family suffered from each day, and inspired by my 97 year old grandmother who could recycle ANYTHING before recycling was cool, back in 2011, I decided (in the spirit of the Julie/Julia Project...) to embark on a journey to see just how much one family could do to change our planet. I didn't consult any other parties before I launched this idea. Thankfully my husband, daughter and son are usually my biggest supporters. Here is the catch; as I'm normally very thrifty (you can note from early blog posts), I was looking for ways that I could reduce our carbon footprint and make socially responsible purchases without increasing our spending. Mmmmmm. We succeed in changing some of our habits a bit and finding ways to reduce our footprint. There were lots of fun epic fails alone the way too! But the biggest change we have made over the course of the last six years, was to move from the mega city of Phoenix to Wyoming. You can read my full bio on my About Me page.

Legal Disclaimer

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"...for your Father knows what you need before you ask." Matthew 6:8