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Cooking with Foods that Heal

Cooking with Foods that Heal
Cooking with Foods that Heal
About five years ago now, my husband began having severe stomach problems that stemmed from a virus he picked up from an infected water source. Although the virus had to be treated with antibiotics, the doctor gave him a strict dietary regimen and told him that if he did not stick to it, the problems that the virus created would return. While we are thankful for modern medicine, we also recognize that much of our health problems begin and end with diet, so I immediately began to research what foods are known to heal the stomach. We not only avoided the list that the doctor gave him but we also added these foods to our diet and within a few weeks he had made substantial progress toward healing. Now that we incorporate these foods into our normal menu, meaning I add at least one to every meal I cook, he virtually has no problems with his stomach and he is able to cheat and eat foods from the "do not eat" list on occasion without any problems.
Some of the foods I added to our daily menu were Apples, Honey, Celery and Parsley. It is best if the skin remains on the apples because it is the pectin in the apples that heals the stomach. Parsley and celery are both healing in that they provide a sort of natural indigestion relief and Honey not only contains B vitamins but it is pH balanced which helps to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.

We also cook with plenty of garlic and onion, these purify the blood stream and aid in digestion, however I cook with dried garlic and dried minced onion. Fresh garlic, onion and peppers are all too difficult for an already damaged stomach to  handle.

Some foods we still try to avoid are white vinegar, peanuts, fried foods, white potatoes, store bought tomatoes and white sugar. These are all foods that multiply the acid in the stomach. I don't think you will be surprised that we found that organic and home canned tomatoes are often very tolerable. They appear to be lower in acid. Although many people have found digestive healing by eating pineapple, we have found that this aggravates his particular condition.

Finally, we drink quite a bit of herbal tea sweetened with organic local honey. I especially like peach chamomile and blueberry from Celestial Seasonings. The Peach blend is very calming and the blueberry blend is good for both brain and lung health and the flavors are a big hit too. We have found that this blueberry tea blend along with the honey has reduced our allergies considerably.

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