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Building a Team at Home

team building
Team Building Builds Bonds
It started when my son was an infant, why would he crawl for a toy, when he could delegate the responsibility to his older sister. It continues to this day, “How do I do this?” he says, and then quietly slips away while she does it for him. The strengths and weaknesses of each child’s personality are exactly why you should be offering team building activities.Whether you are a traditional homeschooler, project based, Waldorf, Montessori or even unschooled, your children need the benefits of learning through team building for life skills, a college degree and future workforce development. Top universities like ASU, Grand Canyon and U of A require team building projects in every course to earn a degree and top companies like Microsoft and Intel work from a team based perspective. If your child aspires to be a barista at Starbucks or flip burgers at Burger King, they are going to have to learn team building skills.

Team Building Skills and Personality
Waldorf education in particular is highly focused on considering your child’s personality type in your daily routine and teaching strategy. While I am in favor of this, there is much to be said for team building projects that encourage your child to discover his or her strengths and improve in areas of weakness. Some children need to learn to work with others, some need to learn follow through, others might need to learn to delegate or take delegation. If a child who has trouble with follow through is overwhelmed then a team project might just give him the support he needs to finish, or the feeling of accomplishment needed for the next task.
Team Building Skills and Bonding
Why do you homeschool? My number one reason for homeschooling is to build a strong family and that is exactly what team building projects do. They teach your children to bond. Team building projects require students to work together, in this case brothers and sisters. By learning to work together in these low stakes team building situations, they will be better prepared to work together in more critical situations that we encounter throughout life.
Team Building Skills Build Creativity and Problem Solving Skills
Problem solving, creativity and team building go hand in hand. Problem solving through creative play and team work contributes to future creative activity and the development of problem solving skills. Creativity involves transformational ability as well as the ability to generate new and original ideas. So as the components of creativity are specifically practiced experiential learning takes place with the activity of problem solving it contributes to brain growth so that further problem solving skills can be developed. In plane English…use it or loose it! If your children do not practice creativity and problem solving they will not develop creativity and problem solving skills.
Encouraging Team Building Activities
Sometimes teambuilding activities are as simple as putting a fun project on the table and telling them to work on it as a team, other times it takes persistence. We have a castle building station that I have put out three times and no one touched it until today. I tried taking supplies away, I tried adding supplies to it and then today, when they finally decided to work on it…they broke the cardinal rule of no fighting and I had to put the project away. So first you have to be willing to put a team building project in front of them and next you have to set some ground rules.
Ground Rules for Team Building Projects
  • There are no bad ideas.
  • There is no fighting.
  • It is not always necessary but it sometimes helps to set a deadline.
If you have trouble getting your children motivated to work on a project together just for fun, then you may try putting it out as a service project for someone else. Cook food and take it to a family in need, go clean up an elderly neighbors yard for the day. Service projects are great and they teach more than team building skills, they teach empathy and caring, and in the end you will have a strong family bond.

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