Monday, July 8, 2013

365 Days

365 Days
365 Days, 12 Months, 4 Seasons
Recently I prayed for God to bless my blog business. This isn’t something new, it’s a prayer I find myself saying on average about twice a year. It isn't that we have unpaid credit card debt, although we do have student loans. I just want to take some of the pressure off my hubby and I like knowing that I can put a little extra money in the bank. I pray for God to show me how to increase my traffic and I feel Him impress on my heart the importance of writing on the web to encourage others. None of this is new to my life…what was different this time was His response to me. I felt conviction as I began to read the topics of SEO and good blog layout etc. and so forth, because it wasn’t new information at all, it was the same thing that I have started to do so many times before.

AND THAT is exactly the point…I am almost completely finished with a post graduate degree because I have made a 365 day commitment to school. I have a good relationship with Jesus, because I have made a 365 day commitment to read and pray. I have smart kids because I have made a 365 day commitment to homeschooling. Every year I pray for God to bless my blog, He shows me what to do and I give up after about a week. I'm not talking about missing a day because your sick or on vaca...I just completely give up. And in essence isn't that giving up on God? I might not quit blogging, I might not shut it all down, but I quit trying my hardest, I stop giving my best.
What has God asked you to do that you aren’t completely committed to 365 days a year? Four seasons...12 months. If you worked on stocking your cabinets for 365 days you would probably be prepared for hard times. How many meals could you have in the freezer to share with a family? How much debt could you knock out in 365 days? Whether He has asked you for something big or small, He asks us to give Him our best. I don’t know what God is going to do with my blogs, but I have been so very encouraged and changed by other mom bloggers who haven't been afraid to give God their best all 365 days a year and I don’t want to give Him any less. Isn't that the definition of sustainability...commitment. In order to have a sustainable, business, family or home, we must first have commitment.

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