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Organic Bedbug Removal

organic bedbug removal
Bedbugs Aren't Picky About Where They Stay
We have been seeing it on the news for weeks; bedbugs are making a comeback across the country.  The FDA is warning people not to use strong outdoor chemicals in their home to treat bedbugs. I've searched all over the web and the reality is, the information about how to remove bedbugs is very ambiguous.  Some websites say throw your furniture out, some say you can spray it.  Some say call an exterminator while others say an exterminator is pricey and may not help.  All this information can leave homeowners and apartment dwellers alike very confused.  So, in an effort to ease reader frustrations I have compiled a list of dos and don'ts complete with several helpful links.

#1 Don't panic:  Although bedbugs are a pest as well as a nuisance, but they are not poisonous and are not likely to carry serious disease.  Neither do they spread quickly.

#2 Do address the problem quickly:  the most important thing to do is identify where the bedbugs are nesting.  LEARN WHERE BEDBUGS CAN LIVE.  Chances are someone brought them into furniture, or perhaps you took a vacation and they jumped into bed with you.  Examine your furniture thoroughly until you find where they are nesting and then DO REMOVE the furniture that they have called home.

#3 Do clean and vacuum your home from top to bottom.  Pay special attention to carpet corners; use the edging attachment on your vacuum to clean these corners and sideboards and then empty your vacuum promptly in your outdoor garbage receptacle.

#4 Do examine any hotel rooms you may stay in BEFORE you bring your luggage in.  If would bite to pay for a hotel room and take bedbugs home with you.

#5 Don't try to treat bedbugs with outdoor chemicals...this could become more harmful than the bedbugs themselves.

#6 Do know what bedbugs look like.  To the right is a picture of some bedbugs although the bites may look different depending on reaction.  Bedbug bites do usually appear in threes (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Helpful video on Bedbugs

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