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Saving on Halloween Costumes

saving on halloween costumes
Great Ideas for Saving on Halloween Costumes
Many speculators predict the most popular costumes this year to be Monsters Inc., the Minion, and Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si. Other popular costumes are often Tinker bell and the pirate. These are all relatively easy costumes to make at home, with just a few items from your own closet and just a few more from the craft store you can save quite a bit of money.

• Any Duck Dynasty character can easily be fashioned with a long fake beard, a t-shirt and camouflage pants. If you are lucky enough to have an old Tupperware cup laying around then fill it with sweet tea and bring it along. I think this would be a fun family costume as well.

• Tinker bell or a fairy of any kind is always popular. Cut the bottom of a sheer skirt in a zigzag pattern, spray glitter hair spray in your child’s hair and make your own wings. Ballet slippers go nicely with this costume. Read how to make your own wings and get more fairy ideas at Wiki How.

• The pirate can be fashioned from anything red, white and black. Add lots of gold jewelry and pick up a hat, sword and eye patch at any dollar store. See more pirate ideas at Kaboose.

• Hannah Montana comes down to a blond wig and a microphone. Read how to make your own wig and help the environment too at Planet Green. Make a microphone with a Styrofoam ball, which can be purchased for under a $1 at any craft store and an empty paper towel tub. Cover the paper towel tube with black construction paper; cover the Styrofoam ball with aluminum foil and glue the two together.

• Fashion your own ninja with scarves, t-shirts and other pieces of clothing. See ninja costume ideas at Thriftyfun.

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